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I’m the publisher of Green Man Review which has been exploring the roots and branches of our shared global culture for close to thirty years. My favorite Works by Peter are A Fine and Private Place and Tamsin plus pretty all of his shorter fiction such as ‘Come Lady Death’.

I’ve met him but once over dinner — he’s quite witty and charming in person.

At Green Man Review, he’s the only writer that we like so much that two editions were done on him and his works.

Fans Against Fraud ends legal battle with Conlan Press

Statement by Patrick Lake Hello, for an introduction, I’m not known by many people in this story and have said little directly about myself so far. That’s how false impressions have been spread, but the simple truth is I was … Continue reading

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A Sweet Offer: The Last Unicorn Nail Wraps

Interested in some neat The Last Unicorn themed product that’s been personally endorsed by Peter and benefits him as well? Well do I have a very sweet deal for you! Peter says to tell me to share code UNICORN10 with you which will grant you 10% off of … Continue reading

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Connor Cochran files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

I was not at all surprised to learn that Connor Cochran and his Ariosto companies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 4, just one day before trial was scheduled to begin in Peter‘s lawsuit against his former manager. As … Continue reading

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The Rat Bastard Loses: Cochran’s countersuit against Peter is Thrown Out!

Fantastic news for those rooting for Peter S. Beagle in his lawsuit against his former business manager, Connor Cochran! On Tuesday, November 7th 2017, the Superior Court of Alameda County threw out Cochran’s countersuit against Peter. It was dismissed with … Continue reading

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Kickstarter for new The Last Unicorn merchandise

Geekify Inc is running a Kickstarter campaign for new Last Unicorn merchandise, starting with pins, posters and a beautifully illustrated tarot deck with illustrations such as The Star and The Devil which you can see respectively at the right and the left … Continue reading

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Oh My: The Lastest Court Filing

As Peter’s lawsuit against his former manager gets closer to its January court date, look for the public filings to start coming closer together. This latest filing is detailed and really illuminating read. You can read the filing here.

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On Rat Bastards, An Update on What’s Happening

For fans and supporters of Peter S. Beagle who may have wondered what has been happening with Peter’s lawsuit against his former manager, Beagle Filing 073117 is the latest filing by Peter’s lawyer. This Motion For Preliminary Injunction was filed on … Continue reading

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Peter S. Beagle’s ‘None But The Harper’

“I am no king, and I am no lord. And I am no soldier at arms,” said he. “I am none but a harper, and a very poor harper That has come hither to wed with thee.” Peter S. Beagle’s … Continue reading

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Peter’s Social Media

Just a reminder to people that Peter’s only social media link to fans is his Facebook page, The Real Peter S. Beagle – accept no substitutes!  He has no access or connection to any other FB pages, websites save this one, … Continue reading

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Ready for more new fiction from Peter?

Tachyon Publishing sent along an email about the next novel from Peter which comes out in Modwinter when, if you’re like me, you’ll be craving something rather good to read! ### In Calabria by Peter S. Beagle ISBN: 978-1-61696-248-7 Published: … Continue reading

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