The Rat Bastard Loses: Cochran’s countersuit against Peter is Thrown Out!

Fantastic news for those rooting for Peter S. Beagle in his lawsuit against his former business manager, Connor Cochran! On Tuesday, November 7th 2017, the Superior Court of Alameda County threw out Cochran’s countersuit against Peter. It was dismissed with prejudice, which means Cochran can’t try it again. Peter’s suit against Cochran continues. The trial will begin as scheduled on January 5th, 2018.

In English instead of Legalese: Peter Beagle sued Connor Cochran for $52M. Connor tried countersuing. The judge looked at the list of documents and records Cochran had failed to produce under the court’s order to do so.

Cochran’s suit against Peter is done. The Court has thrown it out, calling Cochran’s behavior “unusual and egregious”.

Here’s the official public judgement. It’s a thing of beauty. Enjoy!

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I’ve met him but once over dinner — he’s quite witty and charming in person.

At Green Man Review, my other site, he’s the only writer that we like so much that two editions were done on him and his works.

My favorite works by him are Tamsin, Giant Bones, Summerlong which I first read in draft a long time ago and In Calabria.

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5 Responses to The Rat Bastard Loses: Cochran’s countersuit against Peter is Thrown Out!

  1. Whoever says:

    Yo, this is awesome – but hard – to hear. When I first learned of Cochran and Beagle it was the two of them as this unstoppable dream team. The two were leveraging all Peter’s latent properties and stuff and it seemed like it was all good for Peter. When the suit/countersuit came to light (and granted I got wind of this WAY late) it just about broke my heart. I won’t try to influence the exchange of ideas by providing an uninformed opinion on the matter, but I did think it would be maybe beneficial to people if I expressed my dismay and sorrow (which is not the same as regret) at what has transpired and commiserated on that. Thank you to the people who posted this for keeping the news alive and spreading the word.

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  4. Jennifer Atkinson says:

    My service dog and I met Peter Beagle at Otocon a few years back. Rat Bastard was there too, of course. For the record, even my dog had a strong dislike of the rat (I won’t denegrate the human race by including him as one). I heard of the law suit some time later, and could only utter a huge sigh of relief that Mr Beagle was finally free of it.

    • Cat Eldridge says:

      From Peter:

      Do please tell Jennifer Atkinson that I remember both her and her dog very well (one of my best friends is named Atkinson), and I appreciate her letter most gratefully. The court case isn’t quite done with, but it will be – certainly, within the year, and maybe within a few months. I’d say that the ships are plainly leaving the sinking rat, except that I’ve always liked rats. Most rats, anyway. Thanks again, Jennifer!

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