Kickstarter for new The Last Unicorn merchandise


Geekify Inc is running a Kickstarter campaign for new Last Unicorn merchandise, starting with pins, posters and a beautifully illustrated tarot deck with illustrations such as The Star and The Devil which you can see respectively at the right and the left of the above illustration. This is licensed directly from ITV; in addition, Geekify has generously agreed to donate a small portion of the proceeds to Peter directly, so go right ahead and back it on Kickstarter here.

About Cat Eldridge

I’m the publisher of Green Man Review which has been exploring the roots and branches of our shared global culture for close to thirty years. My favorite Works by Peter are A Fine and Private Place and Tamsin plus pretty all of his shorter fiction such as ‘Come Lady Death’.

I’ve met him but once over dinner — he’s quite witty and charming in person.

At Green Man Review, he’s the only writer that we like so much that two editions were done on him and his works.

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  1. Noneofyourbusiness says:

    Is this creation of new, genuinely Peter-sponsored Last Unicorn merchandise a sign that an actual illustrated edition of Two Hearts with pictures by John Howe may be coming eventually, as opposed to the vaporware one advertised on Conlanpress?

    That would be one of the best forms of revenge against Cochran, and a reward for all the disappointed fans he cheated who ordered it.

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