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To all the kind people who have responded to the Support Peter Beagle website.  This is definitely me, and no avatar of Connor Cochran.  I fully understand  your anxiety – heaven knows, at this point I share it myself, on a never-ending and exhausting basis – but I can assure you in grateful honesty that your donations are going only toward legal costs (not fees), which mount up by the moment.  Please accept my thanks, and feel free to contact me if you’re in any further doubt concerning the genuineness of this website.  We’ll yet get through this mess together.

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  1. Tess says:

    Peter we tabled next to you at SDCC in 2013 and witnessed a lot. I don’t know what state you’re in but we would be happy to help in any way we can. Even if it’s just to come over and sweep the floor if we’re near you. We live in LA. Much love and support. -Tess Fowler and Chris Gutierrez

  2. Bronwyn N Pavia says:

    Dear Mr. Beagle,
    I spoke with you when you were in Bellingham Washington. I attended with my mother and we got a book signed for my father who got all of us started on this journey. It was a large showing with many fans and I think I can get word around our community to find ways to help.
    Blessings be!

  3. Jay Statham says:

    I’m so sorry about what you’re going through- you deserve so much better.
    The DVD of The Last Unicorn which you signed for me will forever be one of my most treasured possessions, and the tale itself, even more treasured.
    I’ll do what I can to spread the word.

  4. Jen Kucharski says:

    Mr. Beagle-

    I love your book and I’m sorry to hear about your woes. There have been posts made on The Last Unicorn Facebook page that I found troubling and disagreeable. When several of us questioned who ran it and who owned it after a post about your legal case was made by the official manager that was very pro-publishing company they got very defensive and impolite. I reported them and suggested others do the same, a small step, but perhaps it will make a difference.

    It may be a small condolence, but, your writing shaped my childhood and I read The Last Unicorn every year. I truly hope you are able to win your case.

    All the best,

  5. Alexis Meng says:


    You stayed with my husband and I for 3 days in Boston last year, while maintaining a grueling screening schedule. And I say grueling through experience, in addition to being proud and honored to host you, I volunteered at 7 shows with you while you were in the area. If there is anything we can do for you, in addition to donating to the legal fund, please let us know. I will mail baked goods or provide character witness – whatever you need. We miss you, you were an entertaining and gracious guest, and your picture with our cats hangs on the wall.

    Alexis Meng & Matthew Scanlon

  6. Bayla Singer says:

    I posted the text below on Facebook, in response to an article about the lawsuit — but as my settings are ‘friends and family only’ I wonder if they’ve made it past my own circle — so here it is, copied and pasted, for all the world to see:

    I have known Peter since high school days (he’s a scant year older than I), and most recently met with him in Berkeley in late April 2016. In the course of a two-hour lunch we discussed, among other things, his recent and previous work in detail. He showed no signs of mental deterioration or memory loss — or of alcoholism (which I understand is another charge leveled against him).

    In the course of conversation, for instance, he immediately identified the authors of several obscure bits of poetry and prose that I referred to, and corrected my own occasional mis-attributions. (He was right every time!)

    Some years ago I was put in contact with Connor; Connor promptly requested that I report to him Peter’s communications with me and mine with Peter. (I did share some of my own communications, but none of Peter’s.) I thought it odd at the time, but it appeared that Connor had Peter’s trust and so I gave him mine as well. I regret having done so.

    — Bayla Singer, Ph.D, author of -Like Sex With Gods, an Unorthodox History of Flying-

  7. Jennifer K says:

    Today I searched the web for updates on your heartbreaking situation. Since I ordered (and paid for) one of your books in Houston when you were here, I had about given up on ever receiving it. I have frankly been more concerned, however, about you and your well-being through all of this. When I discovered Kathleen Hunt of Unique Law is looking for people like me, I called her and said yes I have proof of purchase (and no I have not received my book order) and would be happy to share it with her if my doing so can help you recover from this mess. She very kindly shared her email address and I sent her the receipt.

    Now I see there is a more detailed page at which will take others who paid for merchandise to the legal website. I urge anyone reading this who paid but never received anything in return to go to that site and contact the law firm.

  8. hannah almeida says:

    I have never knew. He is my favorite author of all time his book was just as a classic as grim fairytales i wish one day ill can meet him cause sadly there arent many unicorns left in the world.

  9. Rina Weisman says:

    Just a note to let people know of several ways to keep up with Peter and what’s new in terms of books and appearances. He’s on FB ONLY at The Real Peter S. Beagle page, and just opened a new Twitter account @RealPeterBeagle. These are the only two social media contacts for him, so please follow and like!

  10. Mariah Canfield-Jones says:

    My name is Mariah and yes, I have been a fan since my father showed me the movie when I was a child. It was heart breaking to find out your manager did so much damage. I checked out the lost version of the book from the library. I am conflicted now whether or not to buy a copy.

    I saw you at A-Kon back in 2010, and i really wanted to talk to you, but my roommate was being impatient and wouldn’t let me. My fiance and I have been long time fans and we really wish we could help, even though we are struggling ourselves with medical and money. I hope this does give you a vote of confidence, please take care

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