The Last Unicorn film Tour investors file a lawsuit against Connor Cochran

Fans Against Fraud reports that The Last Unicorn film Tour investors have now filed a lawsuit against Connor Cochran and his associated companies, marking the second time that he has been sued recently for fraud, breach of duty, and more. If I were a betting man, I’d wager good odds that there will be more such lawsuits filed.

The site breaks down the details of the lawsuit by The Last Unicorn Tour investors this way:

* Connor Cochran used a shell corporation as a personal piggy bank.  The funds were supposed to be scrupulously managed only for narrow purposes, but he helped himself to hundreds of thousands in his care.

* He kept no records of how the funds were used, and refused to give accounting.  He drained them entirely until he can’t pay them back.

* He’s still exploiting the Last Unicorn movie (and Peter’s name and work) for his own enrichment, while everyone goes empty-handed.

They’re suing Cochran for $450,000, based on the original investment, not to mention punitive damages for fraud and all legal costs incurred by them. You can read the sordid details here in Sandbox-Complaint-for-Damages.

There has been no public acknowledgement of this lawsuit from Cochran. If only the investors had children that he could turn against them!

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